The Hunter's Wife

"My Husband and I have been walking together in love for 10 years. In January of 2015 we got married in Maui and that is where The Hunter's Wife first took fruition. In a space of complete Love, we frequented a local health bar on the island. It's local produce and blessed organic food served us well as a body vacation for the mind body and spirit. It sparked the idea of creating a space of high vibrational food in our own home town. Raised in Leavenworth I was also inspired by nature. I was formally a hair designer and certified yoga instructor. I'm dedicated to spreading the beauty of life, from the crown to the root. With a deep yearning for travel...I immerse myself in different communities and connects ideas and wisdoms with all. My own transition toward more healthy ways of being and my heart coordinate to share the light of my path. Although I am a "Hunter's Wife" my goal is to create a place of peaceful, positive, earthful love. Making the Hunters Wife a reminder of a Nourishing lifestyle. passionate about living a life that is rooted in the hunter and gatherer ways of our ancestors."

I so admire Tandi, her ambition, and everything she's done and has been doing in this community of ours. Not to mention The Hunter's Wife has delicious and healthy food/juices. It's been such a pleasure to be able to take photos for her thriving business! 

Sierra HurdComment