Ryan & Kristin / Wenatchee, WA

Kristin and Ryan…

This wedding was so full of heartfelt sentiment, love, and a strong faith in God; not to mention all the cool fun flair. I felt so blessed to just be a part of their special day.

Talk about sentiment…

How special is it that Kristin wore her mother’s wedding gown on her special day? The tears that were shed while Kristin was getting dressed showed just how much this meant to the both of them. Kristin also carried her grandmother’s bible with her. This was the same bible that her grandfather had given to her as a gift on their wedding day. I can only imagine how comforting it must have been for her to be able to carry this treasured heirloom with her. Then there was the double officiant ceremony; since both Kristin and Ryan's fathers are pastors, they both took part in the ceremony. You could just feel the pride and honor they both had while joining these two in marriage.

Ahh love...

Let me tell you, it literally radiated between these two; from the moment Ryan was brought to tears seeing Kristin walk down the aisle, to how incredibly attentive he was to her. The way they gazed at each other throughout the day was so touching.

I loved the way they mixed tradition with their own unique vibe. I mean yes it’s a wedding, but who says it has to be stuffy? So why not serve pizza and beer, dance the night away, and have the cutest little ice cream bar ever?

This wedding really had it all. I loved being a part of it and appreciated the way they were so warm and welcoming to me. Congratulations to this happy couple, I wish you all the best!

Sierra HurdComment